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Welcome to the Art + Business Tips section of our site!

Have an amazing and artistic day!

Wood Panels

Wood panels have been used by painters for many years and with good reason.  Wood is stronger and more durable than canvas or linen fabric.  Prior to painting on a wood support, raw panels need to be sealed on all surfaces so that moisture does not warp the panel.  Be mindful that gesso is a primer not a wood sealer.  Experts recommend  applying several coats of a glossy acrylic medium or commercial wood sealers, that can be found in home improvement stores.

Art for Children

The art of creating is important for early development in children.  Holding crayons and pencils can help them develop their fine motor muscles that will help them with controlled movements.  Creating art also involves practicing critical thinking and planning skills.  Learning and understanding concepts like size, shape and spatial reasoning are part of learning how to follow through on expressing their thoughts.

Giving your child a creative outlet gives them freedom to explore, discover and experiment.  Oh, and it is also lots of fun for them!

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