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Big changes have taken place! All of the bones for a thriving clay studio and program were here at WHAM — so with the help pf our experts, we upgraded and evolved what was here into a powerful space! We are opening up Wednesday nights for members to create and collaborate starting  Wednesday  9/7/2022  4PM-8PM

WHAM’s Clay Studio has been getting a makeover!

And with growth comes responsibility! We absolutely have to make sure our equipment and areas are kept well and treated correctly to ensure the length of this amazing studio. Please read and download ALL material if you plan to use any part of this space.

Our Hand Build Room is ready for respectful and proper use! These work spaces accommodate sitting and standing work, a Shimpo slab roller, a storage of tools, molds, Big Blue Northstar extruder, drywall ware-boards, staging racks  (for drying, greenware, bisqueware, glaze firing & finished works)

The Storage Room

Large heavy duty metal racks that accommodate student’s clay. Has a Wedging table. Eight rental lockers available for members as well!

The Wheel Room

Four Brent Wheels, bats, Giffin grips, tools, drying shelves and more --

-- after all the Wheel keeps on Turning!

New Studio 9.jpg
New Studio 19.jpg

The Courtyard / Patio

 Our lovely shaded outdoor courtyard with a spray booth, a new ultra-quiet air compressor, some work tables, a grinding wheel and an outdoor sink for clean-up. 

The Glaze Room

Brush, dip, pour or spray! Amoco glazes, Laguna powdered glazes and custom scratch glazes are provided.      (proper procedures available online soon)

The Kiln Areas

 We currently have TWO electric Skutt 1027 Cone 6 kilns, ONE electric Skutt 818 Cone 10 kiln, ONE electric glass kiln, ONE gas downdraft Geil 802 fiber kiln and ONE gas updraft West Coast kiln! Oxidation and reduction firings all happen HERE at WHAM. Truly incredible results await your amazing input and creativity.

WHAM also sells Cone 5 WS-5, Speckled Buff and B-mix clay. The price for this is $20 per 25lb. bag. We also have a variety of wheel and hand build tools.

All bisque and glaze firing prices are dependent upon size of pieces as well.

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