Poetry at WHAM

-- Events Held Often --

Literary Arts are Alive and Well at WHAM, while our 5+ year length of poetry nights and SLAMs continue.

The written word is 100% ART to us!


WHAM Poetry SLAM Nights every other month on the  3rd Friday

How does WHAM support POEtry??

The Written and Spoken word is absolutely beautiful art! So, join us every other month on the 3rd Friday from 6pm to 8pm at WHAM Art Center!


What is a Poetry Slam for the community? You are welcome to come and read any poem or introduce your own Poetry to the group. Great evening out and the arts are celebrated! WHAM has been doing Poetry Slams for 5 years now, and we thoroughly enjoy promoting the Literary Arts. In addition, a red box receptacle is outside WHAM's facility for those who love poetry to Take a Book and Leave a Book for your Poetry Friends. Awesome, right??


** NEXT SLAM IS OCTOBER 21st 2022 **