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WHAM Write Club


WRITE CLUB - Literary Blood Sport!

6 Writers |3 rounds |2 opposing topics

Literary Arts are Alive and Well at WHAM, with our expansion of our Literary Arts Program

Write Club Body


 Write Club is a show that is produced by Jonathon Rios and has found a home at the WHAM Arts complex! Jonathan Rios comes to us from the LA Write Club to develop a Phoenix version. Write Club is:

3 rounds | 6 Writers | 2 Opposing topics: Project vs Reflect - Reality vs Dream - Sunrise vs Sunset 

 7 minutes on the microphone.

Think literary blood sport (with no actual bloodshed).

Mark your calendars because we have a special Combatant coming in from Los Angeles to take on PHX’s best!

Come join us for WRITE CLUB COMPETITON, or come to enjoy the readings. 

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