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Featured Gift Shop Artist:

Meet featured Artist for the WHAM gift shop: JUDY WOLF - WATER COLOR, ACRYLIC, & OIL PAINTINGS

“Painting or drawing for me is an expression of my love for this beautiful place that God created for us to enjoy. I love to get lost in that wonderful, peaceful place of trying to get on paper or canvas what I am seeing and feeling!”

I studied Art at the University of Colorado at Boulder and continue to enroll in painting classes and traveling to learn more new techniques and meet top Artists. Currently retired, I love to paint “En Plein Air” in the Arizona Deserts, paint from my own photos at my home studio, and always am looking for something new and exciting to draw or paint. The greatest reward is teaching new students “The Joys of Painting” !

Judy Wolf Gift shop 3.jpg
Judy Wolf gift shop 5.jpg
Judy Wolf gift shop 4.jpg
Judy Wolf gift shop 2.jpg

Featured Finds

Stop by anytime to view them!

Operating Hours are:

Tues-Sat   10am - 4pm

We want to offer local exposure to the artists and creators of the West Valley -- come and check out our unique and inspiring featured shoppe!

We offer this opportunity to WHAM Membership holders, at very reasonable deals and at a beautifully kept space. 

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