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Featured Gift Shop Artist:

Barbara Waggoner lived in Oregon where she raised two wonderful sons and upon her retirement, she sought the warm sunshine in Arizona.  In 2006, Barbara became active in her Sun City Community. By 2008 she was looking for something different, and so began her art journey of studying making pottery with Connie Whitlock.

Barbara also became interested in glass fusion and traditional stained-glass art which is where she found her passion.  She enjoys creating art that can be functional while adding beauty to your home and outdoor livings areas and garden.

Barbara currently teaches glass fusion in her community-chartered club and believes in giving back to help others find joy in art.  She has her own studio and sometimes enjoys quiet time to think and design.

Barbara encourages everyone to find joy in art, no matter what the medium, as it is the best form of meditation and expression.

Barb Waggoner 1.jpeg

Featured Finds

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Tues-Sat   10am - 4pm

We want to offer local exposure to the artists and creators of the West Valley -- come and check out our unique and inspiring featured shoppe!

We offer this opportunity to WHAM Membership holders, at very reasonable deals and at a beautifully kept space. 

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