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WHAM's   Featured   Artist:


John was born and raised in Southern California, moved to Arizona in 1990 to go to school, got married in 1991, and since 2002 has resided in Surprise. He became a member of WHAM in 2018.


John has been creating art for longer than he can remember. He has always loved drawing animals, nature scenes, architecture, and Science Fiction Fantasy. When in High School he was introduced to Pointillism, a technique he fell in love with immediately. He has been working in pen and ink off and on now for forty years. His current body of work represents over one thousand, three hundred hours of actual drawing; which translates into seven and a half million dots... give or take a few hundred thousand.


His love for nature, love of beauty, love of art... and love of all things Star Wars and Star Trek... Is clearly evident in his work.

Featured Finds

Stop by anytime to view them!

Operating Hours are:

Tues-Sat   10am - 4pm

We want to offer local exposure to the artists and creators of the West Valley -- come and check out our unique and inspiring featured shop!

We offer this opportunity to WHAM Membership holders, at very reasonable deals and at a beautifully kept space. 

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