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Welcome to September of 2022's monthly exhibit page. This month we are featuring the local women's art group ArtTHENA! who are inspiring collaborators of WHAM. Their amazing and unique expressive exhibit of Art is on display this whole month -- so come on down to enjoy their varied + passionate art styles. 


About the ArtTHENA! Exhibit

"How We See the World"

exhibition by ArtTHENA! presents work created after the isolation and anxiety of the global pandemic. While everyone has been affected in some way or another,
artists in particular have found themselves in the unique position of reflecting the crisis through their art practice. As the world moved through and past the crisis, many creative artists have had time to observe the compassion and empathy emerging between all levels of humanity as a result of the crisis. Hope for a better, kinder world have been expressed by each ArtThena! Be sure to visit the WHAM Gallery to enjoy seeing this beautiful collection of paintings.

ArtTHENA! (1).jpeg

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